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• My Life As Myself •

The creator of this blog is currently trying to be a proper adult. Here, they try to figure out life through photography, writing, music and the occasional existential crisis. Enjoy.

• My Life As Myself •

The creator of this blog is currently trying to be a proper adult. Here, they try to figure out life through photography, writing, music and the occasional existential crisis. Enjoy.

Warzone 221

How much does man suffer?

How long do we have to breathe for?

When will we we loose this battle?

Where does it end?


Well, life gave me this unwanted gift

But how can Man handle such a power

The one who breaks and lifts any soul

Could we ever bare it till we find ourselves in hauls so far away?


Christmas, another word for the mindless spirit

What is the present that makes itself opened as cracked

So easily you smile

If our world only knew what it really meant...



Love & Thinking Outside The Box,


Into The Future

I'm waisted, I'm tired.

Wild goose chase,

My hopeless quest.


Won't you give me a word of advice, oh my friend

I'm not like other kids, you see,

I'm fucked up, I'm missing a few screws.

But ain't that the meaning of life?

Why there are clouds and a shining bright star skinny dipping in the afternoon oceans?


Show me the bright lights, the ones at the end of your tunnel.

Maybe then I'll see what's expecting me.

Oh, my friend, I know it's not easy, it was never fair for us.

But if I can't ride with you, is there a point in driving?


I'll go for you, just don't go ripping my letters,

The confessed love for the world, my thoughts and misleaded prayers.


In fantasies I dream, in reality I'll keep running.

But no more, oh loyal companion of mine.

I'm here, I wander, I cry, I smile.

And I'll never stop thinking about what could've been.





Love & White Tigers,



I saw her face

I couldn't believe

She had survived

Many moons had passed

But what a beautiful sight

A vision unworthy to the angels passing by

But I, I was presented with the one who couldn't die

Almost did, but when everyone else was sure

I was not, but just look her in the eye

She's here, lost and found

Can you see her now?



Love & Wondering,



Tanto teste, tanto trabalho... Já chegámos aquela altura do ano em que no final do dia só me apetece atirar-me para a cama e dormir até às férias de verão.

Mas enquanto esse bem merecido descanso não chega, deixo-vos uma música, aquela que se achou presa no modo replay na minha cabeça, para levantar o astral.



 Love & Give 'em Hell,



30 Day Music Challenge #29

"A song that you remember from your childhood."

Lembrei-me de uma em particular, uma música que viria a adorar mas que, na altura, quando passava na rádio e ouvia o meu pai a cantarolá-la, a achava bastante estranha.

Sem mais rodeios, é a "Another Brick In The Wall", um hino para nós estudantes. Vou deixar que os Pink Floyd vos expliquem...



"All in all it's just another brick in the wall,

All in all you're just another brick in the wall"

Love & Nonconformity,


Eu, Tu e Todos Nós

A vida é frágil,

Todos nós o somos.

Mas apenas o entendemos em certas ocasiões,

As piores ou as melhores de todas elas.


Quando me encontro entre a espada e a parede,

É quando me consigo libertar,

Ver-me livre desta bola e da sua corrente.

Mas a que preço?


 Love & Free Yourself,


Fangirl Problems

Porque uma dose de randomness mensal ainda é pouco...


O episódio final da 8ª temporada do Supernatural foi emitido ontem mas ainda não estou preparada para tantos sentimentos serem tão sentidamente sentidos. 

Love & A (not so) Serious Mental Condition ,


"Tranquil as a forest, but on fire within"

I tried, and I tried

And I tried so damn hard

To love, to forget

And I still get shun down


But the way things still move,

Oh, they just keep moving

Could I move along with my heart

Just this one time


This one day,

The one I've been dreaming of

The morning where I'll sail away

The harbor that's kept me from falling

It's breaking down and I need to break from it


A friend, all my companions

You helped so many days

But we see things so closely

Still we ripped apart

I need this now, there's only one way

And I need, I have to sail away

Love & Pick Up The Pieces,

30 Day Music Challenge #28

"A song by an artist with a voice that you love"

A música que escolhi já foi até referida por uns quantos fãs como a segunda parte da Stairway to Heaven, e devo admitir que concordo.

Quanto à banda, é uma das melhores bandas de rock moderno que andam por aí, e a sua influência blues faz-se notar em cada álbum.

Simplesmente adoro este duo, sendo a voz do vocalista um dos meus componentes preferidos.

Aqui têm Black Keys, com "Little Black Submarine", do álbum El Camino, premiado com um Grammy.



"I should've seen it glow,

But everybody knows

That a broken heart is blind."♥

Love & Indie Glow,


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